Specializing in portraits, children, and families in and around Dalton, GA

thesehoursphotography@gmail.com | 706.508.5141

These Hours was born from my desire to capture all of the little things we sometimes overlook in life: quiet smiles, secret kisses, tiny fingers & toes, big laughs, and silly faces.

My style consists of both posed and candid moments. This ensures that I tell your special story and create images that can be framed and enjoyed for many, many years!

I'm inspired by forests and running water and wildflowers and sunlight peeking through rustling leaves. I'm also inspired by tall buildings and back alleys and secret passageways and symmetry. I like to incorporate all of these in my images when I can.

I love capturing the best of everyone and I truly believe everyone has a good side! If you're interested in working with me to capture your best side, please contact me!