Hi, I’m Ashley - and I make magic.

I see magic all around us: quiet smiles, secret kisses, tiny fingers and toes, belly laughs, and silly faces. I intuitively use that magic found in the mundane and create visual concoctions.

I’m inspired by forests and running waters and wildflowers and specks of dust floating in the light and the sun peeking through the rustling leaves. I love looking up at the trees and feeling their height and finding secret hiding spots in the forests and the feel of grass against my skin. I look for the moon every night and I move by her ebbs and flows. I feel the magic of nature and I want to incorporate that into my work as often as I can.

My style consists of a mix of posed and natural, candid moments. I also enjoy telling stories with my images as much as possible. This ensures that you have both images that you can hang as well as images that tell the special story you hold in your bones.

Every living thing and every living moment contains magic - and I would love to capture it. If you’re ready to find the magic with me, please be in touch,